We are all well aware that although the world has opened back up, things are not “normal”. During this time the hair industry is taking extra precaution to keep ourselves, our families, and our clients safe. Along with the many new guidelines we will be following as professionals such as sanitizing stations, chairs and front desk between each client, temperature checks, there are a few you need to follow as well. Please be patient with us during this hectic time.


Please wait outside on our bench until your appointment time. Please do not come in early.


We are not allowing any extra people to come to your appointment. No family, friends, partners, etc even if you live together. 


This is not a recommendation. This is for me, not you. Wearing a mask is to protect those around you, not yourself. All of our staff will be wearing masks as well so please return the favor.



This is so important. If you have ANY symptoms of sickness or have been around someone who was sick let us know and we will reschedule you at no penalty. 

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Since we have reopened we have been booking extra large time slots for each and every client.

Colorists are only able to take 2-3 clients a day to maintain our safety, and not have client’s appointment times overlap.

We understand these uncertain times, and the concerns you may have to come into a public space, but it is important to understand last-minute cancellations leave our stylists with empty schedules and no opportunity to rebook these times.

Going forward in order to secure your appointment time you may need to have a card on file.

Just as your doctor or dentist would, we reserve the right to charge you a fee if:

•You no show on your appointment time

•You don’t cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance

•You come 20+ minutes late for your appointment

•You cancel and reschedule 3 times before coming to see your stylist


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at littlesparrowsalon@gmail.com

Covid-19 policy